Relocation Resources: our services

An overview of the services we offer:

Immigration: visa, work permit, residence permit, legalization
Pre-Arrival: Needs Analysis, Arrival: meeting the relocation consultant, discuss relevant steps
Orientation: accompanied area overview, getting acquainted with life in The Netherlands
Education: school orientation, selection, visits, registration
Housing/rental: house viewings, contract negotiations, public utilities
Temporary accommodation: remote viewing and in and out-check inspections
Home Purchase: property search, contact local tax advisors, notaries, mortgage lenders
Registration: at the immigration department, local authorities, obtain social fiscal number
Settling in: bank account, family GP, dentist, changing driving licence, social clubs etc.
Departure: cancellation of rental contract, utilities, deregistration with the local authorities

The above services can either be supplied from an a-la-carte menu or can be bundled in (tailor-made) packages.

Who benefits from Relocation Resources services?


Immigration services

To ensure legal stay and work in the Netherlands, we offer immigration advice and services. We apply for the necessary residence and work permit and accompany the foreign national and his/her family members whilst visiting the governmental offices after arrival in the Netherlands.

Pre-Arrival: Needs Analysis
Personal contact to get you started; after registering for our services, we contact you in your home country to understand your needs and expectations. Arrival: meeting the relocation consultant, to discuss relevant steps

Orientation Trip
The first order of business for future expatriates is often a visit to the location of the new assignment for a pre-move orientation.  The purpose of this trip is to acquaint the transferee with their new environment and assist them with their decision on which area(s) to target for home finding.

School Search
We provide information on local preschools, kindergartens and international school systems, check availability of places and set up appointments; clients can also be accompanied to selected schools if required.

Temporary Accommodation
On a short- or medium-term assignment?  We will take care of locating a home or apartment for you.  List your requirements and we will find what you're looking for.

Home Finding

Based on the client's needs, we thoroughly research the property market before selecting properties to be shown.  The consultant will accompany the transferee for the viewing of the properties and provide professional guidance in the decision-making process.

We will also assists in contract negotiations, administrative matters, check-in inspection and basic utility connections.

Home Purchase
We will assist with property search, sales contract negotiations and provide advice throughout the sales process.  We can also provide contacts such as local tax advisors, notaries, mortgage lenders etc.

Local Formalities
We arrange the appointments at the Town Hall or the relevant authorities, advise on all documents required and accompany clients and their family members to register.

Settling-In Services
We tailor-make a program based on the client's specific needs. Certain elements vary as every assignee has different requirements: opening bank accounts/setting up telecoms, shopping for groceries/electrical appliances, sourcing domestic help, introduction to social groups and associations, leisure facilities, insurance information, car purchase, car importation, application for child benefit, document translation etc.

Follow-Up/Telephone Helpline and Email Contact
Once our clients have successfully moved to their new home, our telephone helpline is available to answer any questions and ease the process of settling-in.

Leaving a country permanently?  Relocation Resources takes care of time-consuming matters that need to be taken care of before you leave. We'll take care of tying up all the loose ends for you, like the disconnection of utilities, supervision on the deposit of refunds, termination of lease contracts, mail forwarding and much more.